Bachelor and bachelorette party

This is the perfect idea for a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party! Why not both? Planning the perfect party for your best friend before thier big day can be a lot of work and stressful. No need to have their signifcant other worry about any shenanigans for this type of party.  Have a joint party! You can bring both parties together and have the times of your lives. You can do bridesmaids vs groomsmen, mix and match, and release all of that built up stress and tension. Let WickedBall Chicago plan the big day for you. We gurantee this will be a great event for any Bachelor or Bachelorette Party. We recommend drinking afterwards, because well, rolling around in a giant bubble ball can get you dizzy enough. But if your risky and like living on the edge, we wish you the best of luck trying to score that ball! 


We have several different game options including protecting the bride or groom from being knocked down in an all out brawl. Zombie Apocolypse, will you be the last man or woman standing? King or QUEEN of the hill, and many more.

WickedBall will come to your location and setup for your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party Celebration. We can come to a local park, forest preserve, or even your backyard! We also have several facilities that can host your event across the Chicagoland area indoors if needed. We provide you with all of the necessary equiptment. You will receive 10-12 Bubble Balls, two goals, soccer balls, a scoreboard, and the funniest most energetic staff you will ever meet.


We offer several different options to go along with your package including custom T-shirts, decals, stickers, and even 4k Drone footage to remember your event!

This will be one Bachelor and Bachelorette Party experience you WONT forget. We will customize our Bubble Soccer packages to your liking. If you live in the Chicagoland area, please give us a call today to start planning your "EPIC" Bubble Soccer Party.