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Come check out something truly unique in the Chicago-land area. Visit our 9,000+ sq foot facility that's perfect for all types of occasions and celebrations. We can accommodate up to 130 guest.

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Rent out out entire facility for an all-inclusive experience that includes all of our games and activities. Activities will run simultaneously, and you can switch between them as often as you'd like. This is certainly a package you'll never forget!

Mobile Reservations

Sit back and relax. Let us bring the party to you! We can bring Bubble Soccer, Nerf Battles, Tactical Laser Tag, Archery Tag, DodgeBall, Hamster balls, Sumo suits, and giant inflatables! Just tell us when and where. You'll also receive an amazing party host to manage the whole event! Invite as many guest as you'd like.

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All Videos


So many to choose from!


It's NERF or Nothing...

Think of paintball, but without the pain or the mess! Unleash all your wrath on your opponents with unlimited ammo refills. The best part? Bragging rights!

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EPIC Laughs

Bubble Soccer is the sport of playing soccer, while half encased inside an inflated bubble ball, which covers the player's upper body and head. 

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Live Play Call of Duty

Kill streaks? We got those. Zombies? We have that. Our equipment is state of the art, and offers so many different game modes and tracks your stats! Extremely realistic play. Ask about our shock bands!

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If You Can Dodge A Wrench, You Can Dodge An Arrow...

Think of Dodgeball meets hunger games. Players run to the middle of the field for their equipment and back to their base. They have the option of eliminating all of the enemy players or knocking out the targets if they are camping! Unfortunately, the arrows aren't real, they have giant foam tips ( for legal reasons of course...) Hunt or be hunted!

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You've seen the TV show right? Well test your physical abilities by jumping over spinning arms, and ducking underneath while trying to maintain your balance. Arms change speed and directions randomly ( or when we feel like making you laugh ). Did we mention it's an amazing workout?

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Are You The Next Mike Tyson?

No ear biting allowed! Which is why we wear headgear of course. You're in a giant inflatable boxing ring and boxing to the death, we mean, until time runs out. You have GIANT gloves to pummel your opponents with so you don't hurt your knuckles or their pretty face either. 

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Mobile Activities

We can bring any of our store activities, including these to YOU!


Gladiator Trials!

Ever feel like settling the score with giant inflatable tubes and pummeling your opponent? We have you covered. Not only are you trying to attack, and defend, but you have to maintain your balance! Only the strong survive....

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Hamster Ball

Want to see what it's like to be a hamster? How about racing your friend across the field? Heck, we can strap you both inside and have you rotate across the field haha!  Let us bring these to a park near you!

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I Came In Like A...

No, you can't jump and hang on the ball like Miley Cyrus... But, you can fight off 3 other players until your the last man, or woman standing! Use all your might to keep your balance while throwing a GIANT ball at your foes. Who gets hit and knocked down is up to you!

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More Activities!

What don't we do? pfft


Robin Hood or Bullseye

Our double sided Dartboard inflatables lets you shoot foam arrows at the target, or kick soccer balls.  How good is your accuracy?

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In The Face.. Just Kidding!

Old school dodgeball. That's right. No crying allowed here. We do use "No sting" dodgeballs that are foam, but we can't help it if your going against the hulk or your parents. Ask about our Dodgeball tournaments!

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Xbox's, Arcade, & More!

Everything we have and do is very physical. You get to have a ton of fun 'working out' with us.  We understand you need a break. So we have a FREE arcade for you to use catered with Xbox's including games like - Fortnite, Mortal Kombat, Warzone, and more. We also have Ping Pong, Billiards, Air hockey, and foosball for your use!

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